Rayver Cruz
project Type
Interior Design

Unraveling the layers of masculinity and transposing it into this mid-century industrial bachelor's pad!

This newly built house being a perfect canvas with its bare white walls, the living room features a cement finish wallpaper that stretches from the long living room wall up to the wall of the first flight of stairs. Two imposing wood and metal shelves stand upright with a curated display of a mix of his personal memorabilia and decor. The dining room is highlighted by a statement chandelier, and completed with lowback upholstered chairs and tablescapes. With the vision of making the entertainment room as cozy and comfortable as possible, the walls were painted in a dark gray color, and an accent printed wallpaper. A wall gallery was curated with his most favorite films, his own photos, and a horned skull that's truly an unexpected wild card piece. A classic leather chesterfield sofa and an Eames chair complete the industrial vintage vibe, and a statement floor lamp that's completely in tune with the theme of the room. The bedroom is at a league of its own that just screams comfort and calmness with its fully wallpapered walls in a linen texture. A special nook in the corner was dressed up with a leather lounge chair, and a blowup photo of the client in one his films that is both nostalgic and thematic.

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