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Known for Interior Design expertise, we translate product branding and celebrations into events. Communicating the client’s brand and objective combined with beautiful aesthetics are the utmost goal in producing a Moss event.

Interior Design
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Integrating style, elegance and creative perfection into designing interiors. We aim to make spaces functional and comfortable without compromising aesthetics.

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Having the widest range of furniture rentals in the country providing as much as 700 pax of all-lounge seating for events. Choose from our full catalogue of sofas, accent chairs, bar stools, tables, communal tables, backdrop and shelving. Talk to our designers so they can recommend what will suit your theme!

Premium Fabrication & Installations
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From pop-ups to seasonal installations, we offer built environments from scratch and premium fabrications specialized for a brand or institution from small to large scale.

Design on Demand

A fast-tracked, online based professional interior design consultation that is simplified and convenient, all done right in the comforts of your own home.

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Creating stand-out interiors at moments that call for it

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11 years in the business and still committed to excellence.
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Working with Moss

I’ve worked with Moss over the course of many years in countless projects both here and abroad. I must say that Cyndi’s eye for beauty and detail is unparalleled. Combine that with the discipline, rigor, and a can-do attitude, and you can expect nothing less than the sublime. Good enough is never good enough, as they always go over and above the call of duty to create the most memorable, awe-inspiring and beautiful setups. Moss makes sure that they continue to evolve to suit their clients' needs, as well as elevate every experience so that one is always better than their last.
Apples Aberin
Public Relations Head
I have experienced working with Moss for several years already, not just thru Yaparazzi, but also during my personal projects. We consider ourselves the “Dream Team” whenever we work together; our minds just really align and come together especially when it comes to cultivating the client’s vision and executing it through creative concepts that are efficient and logistically possible. We have created many guest experiences that are considered “First in the Philippines” that both our clients and teams will remember forever.
Javi Martinez
Events Director-Managing Director
Working with Cyndi and Moss is like collaborating with a wise and fun friend. They never impose their ideas, but instead, they help you show what you want in the most interesting way.
Irene Francisco
Managing Director
As Lucerne is into the business of competing luxury timepieces catering to a niche target audience, every event staged had to have a unique concept, design architecture, and elements that will impress guests who will desire to keep coming back for more. In the last 6 years, Lucerne and Moss have staged at least 30 events, each with a distinct luxurious ambience that only they can provide. We count on their visionary eyes for concept and design, and skilled production capabilities to mount anything under the sun.
Riza Torres
Former Head of Marketing-Luxury Division
Over the years, Moss has proven a pristine track record when it comes to the services that they offer. Their expertise and dedication from the design conceptualization to mounting an event, whether big or small, is unmatched. From planning to execution, I’ve witnessed firsthand the passion, efficiency, meticulousness, and diligence the whole team gives in every project.
Stephanie Chong
Deputy General Manager
Luxury Brands
An inventive eye, a passion for creativity, and a strong desire to achieve the impossible are what set Cyndi & the Moss team apart in the events industry. They have been instrumental in bringing to life the unimaginable, and have proven to be a collaborative partner of Klook in the Philippines.
Michelle Cruz
Country Marketing Head
Moss has been our designer for almost a decade now and working with this team is amazing. The aesthetics capture exactly who we are as a brand and their designs evolve with time keeping our look updated and always fresh. Service is also outstanding with a team dedicated to fulfilling our rigid requirements. Cyndi herself makes it a point to see us through all our needs and to us that personalized service is what matters most
Bernadette M. Lee
Barcino, Bluesmith, Meat Depot
Creative expression harmonizing with an understanding of a brand's essence in delivering audience delight has been Cyndi Fernandez's trademark. In all the years that we partnered with Moss to mount events, they have instinctively produced more than what we expected. Trust in one's creative and executional integrity is paramount to achieving a successful event. Such is the reputation that Moss has brought into this industry.
Toni Gregory
Moss is our partner in creating beautiful spaces and memorable experiences for our shoppers. Their creative vision, attention to detail and meticulous execution has made them one of the most sought-after design houses in the industry. Their professionalism is unparalleled, and our friendship is truly appreciated and cherished.
Christine Enriquez-Yabao
Consumer Engagement Head
Saga Events Inc. has been collaborating with Moss for more than a decade now. They always bring fresh ideas that take our events to the next level of human connection. Together, we create unique experiences for our audiences that are authentic, purposeful, and memorable. Moss is a formidable source of creativity to their partners, collaborators, and patrons.
Robby Carmona
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

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