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The star of the England Painted Fields collection

Jo Malone London has brought back Poppy & Barley, the star of the England Painted Fields collection, and is now part of the brand's permanent collection. Poppy & Barley is plucked from the succulent cereal harvest and spun into the colorful, vibrant and iconic fragrance—a soft floral spiked with blackcurrant and powdery violets that add a fresh and crispy facet to the fragrance. This was translated and incorporated in the campaign launch from the custom and handmade giant paper poppies installed on the walls, as well as the tablescape and flowers used throughout the event. The venue was transformed into a garden room with free-standing giant poppies surrounding the dining area. Flowers in lilac, coral and pink pantones were placed in clear glass bud vases along the wooden dining tables with natural linen table runners, taking inspiration from the Ikebana flower arrangement. The overall ambiance of the event is a rustic yet fresh, vibrant, and crisp look—mimicking the image and identity of the Poppy & Barley collection.

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