Bela Padilla
project Type
Interior Design

A bohemian retreat

Renowned actress and writer Bela Padilla recently downsized into a 100 sqm apartment and we transformed it completely to a bohemian retreat. The foyer wall was dressed up with a tropical pineapple wallpaper and quirky knobs that were used as hanging pegs. Her dining table was updated with a custom metal base in a modern silhouette, and the dining chairs were given a fresh repaint with a sage green color that matches the droplight. The living area features 2 towering pillars of books that were installed using invisible shelves, and a furniture ensemble of a rich green velvet sofa, a rattan chair, and poufs & pillows scattered to create that cozy vibe and feel. In true bohemian fashion, the bedroom is a complete sanctuary with an ikat print wallpaper, and a huge macramé installation on top of her bed which we filled with her own collection of throw pillows! You can watch it here:

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