Designing 2020: Interior Styles & Trends

We’re entering into the second decade of this century, and interior design trends this year in a nutshell is a mix of old world charm, and new millennia innovations.

The Grandmillenial Style

An old-school maximalist dream boat, it’s an interesting mix between a shabby chic dollhouse with eclectic colors and textures. A word play of “Grandma” and “Millennial”, it was lately labeled by House Beautiful as this year’s emerging trend for interiors. It’s a space that’s nothing short of personality and nostalgia. There’s a mix of different prints and patterns from chintz to checkered fabrics. Pleated lampshades are a thing again, with ruffled hemlines on pillows and blankets, and mixed in with some Victorian furniture.

Rich Monochromatic Walls

Long gone were the days when accent walls were all the rage. This year, we’re all challenged to bring the dramatic color on all four (or more) walls. Rich hues of blues,greens, and purples can change up the energy of the space. It gives off an alluring nature and a sense of immersiveness for an extraordinary spatial experience.

Classic Blue

With Pantone releasing the 2020 Color of the Year as Classic Blue, interiors can have are fresher of different articles like wallpapers, blue and white jars, pillowcases, blankets, rugs, and even plates and cutleries.

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

With consumers being more aware and environmentally conscious, there’s a new emergence of sustainable materials that arise in the market. Rattan and wicker has long been in the furniture game, and recently has been slowly creeping back into our homes with a modernized face-lift.  It takes on contemporary forms, matched with trendy fabrics like velvet for the final makeover.

High Contrast: Black and White

With the Art Deco arches coming back in style last year, another Art Deco staple sees a comeback this year with highly geometric patterns in classic black and white. It can be seen through patterned wallpapers, tiled flooring, and decor.

Earthy Neutrals

2020 is bringing back some warmth to your abodes through some earth toned flavors. The early aughts had seen the cool neutral phase, with grays dominating spaces indifferent tones. Browns, rusty oranges, and yellow ochres are expected to have a busy year this year. Warm-toned wood and leather will have a resurgence in the furniture side, with colored textiles for an interesting tactile affair.

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