Interior Design Trends 2021

After a downright dreary and crazy year, there will be a lot of life and fun happening in interiors this 2021.

Interior Design Trends for 2021

Last 2020, we had a year where blue and monochromatic colors rule, and richly textured textiles reign. This year as the world slowly eases its way out of a long lockdown, interiors are bigger, bolder, and more unapologetic than ever. Here are the styles you'll soon be seeing everywhere!

2021 CHEER

After a downright dreary and crazy year, there will be a lot of life and fun happening in interiors this 2021. Neutrals and whites might be taking a step back this year, with colors dominating the interior landscape in bright greens, pinks, peaches, turquoise, and yellows. Bold and dynamic fonts and patterns will also take centerstage that just scream for attention-you will definitely not miss it.

Interior Design Trend 1: 2021 Cheer
Interior Design Trend #1: 2021 Cheer


With a lot of us being deprived of the great outdoors because of a long lockdown, it’s more important now more than ever the concept of bringing the outside in. There’s been a great surge of demand for indoor plants, a longing for sunlight, and breathable spaces. Hand in hand with this, people are growing more environmentally conscious and sensitive on how their things have been made and produced. Wicker and rattan will still be mainstays with designers continuously innovating their products to suit the current trends. Natural fabrics will be a more constant choice for a comfier and breathable feel like linen, bamboo, and the like.

Interior Design Trend: Biophilia & Sustainability
Interior Design Trend #2: Biophilia & Sustainability


Statement and one-of-a-kind pieces will be more constant features in interiors this year, as fast furniture comes into a decline with people being more conscious on quality control and longevity. This can also be seen as a boost in the local economy with artisans and craftsmen being thrust in the spotlight in a very competitive furniture industry.

Interior Design Trend: Bespoke Furniture
Interior Design Trend #3: Bespoke Furniture


Styling and accessorizing will be bigger and bolder this year as people lean more on sentimentality, and having their prized possessions on display. Interiors will be increasingly personal and unique as people decorate and curate their spaces now that they’re more at home more than ever. The best thing about maximalism and eclecticism is that they’re never textbook, each maximalist space is completely different from one another, because they reflect a person’s lifestyle and aesthetics to a T more than their own Pinterest page.

Interior Design Trend: Maximalism
Interior Design Trend #4: Back to Maximalism


There used to be a time where alone accent wall in a deeper or brighter hue was a trend, with its surrounding walls in a safe neutral color. This year, statement walls will be returning in glory, with bold and dynamic prints and patterns in striking colors. From floral prints to abstract patterns, interiors are getting bolder, braver and more visually forward this 2021. As what they say, you go big or go home.

Interior Design Trend: Statement Walls
Interior Design Trend #5: Statement Walls


Shelves and etageres have been heavily under-utilized for the past years. With an increasing appreciation and urge for personalization of home this pandemic, shelves are the new gallery walls. They can serve as book cases, art displays, as well as your personal collection showcase.

Interior Design Trend: Shelfies
Interior Design Trend #6: Shelfies


A style that screams comfort, tradition, and British countryside flair, it makes use of rustic elements, floral prints, wooden textures, antiques, and vintage china. Mix it with brassware, and gilded elements for a touch of glamour. It’s a reinvention of the granny chic made stylish.

Interior Design Trend: Cottagecore
Interior Design Trend #7: Cottagecore Interiors


Warmer tones will greet this year, setting aside the ruling cooler tones from last year. Mixed in with wicker, rattan and other ruling natural materials, in combination with bigger greeneries for a safari-esque approach in interiors.

Interior Design Trend: Global Influence
Interior Design Trend #8: Global Influence


We’ve all been denied the luxury of companionships and celebrations for the past year, and now people will be adjusting their homes to accommodate friends and guests on a wider scale. Lounge areas can be expanded and added in outdoor areas. With this, bigger and better visual and sound systems will be used, down to the tableware and tablescapes for your casual brunch and dinner parties.

Interior Design Trend: Entertaining
Interior Design Trend #9: Entertaining at Home (Photos from Instagram @curatebymoss)

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